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Paving the way for progress and performance in the construction industry.


Heavy equipment is a necessity for every road and bridge-construction project. When industry giants such as Caterpillar and John Deere trust YEXU for their bearings, shouldn’t you?



YEXU bearings can be found in all types of construction equipment, including cranes, hydraulic excavators, asphalt pavers, motor graders, wheel loaders, and off-highway trucks, as well as many other types of heavy equipment used in building projects. YEXU‘s diverse product line supports building-equipment repair needs with high-quality bearing products that include:

Tapered roller bearings

Cylindrical roller bearings

Crown blocks

Spherical roller bearings

Ball bearings

Slewing ring bearings



Our long tradition of serving the construction industry gives us a unique understanding of the specific demands of the working environment. This understanding has led to many technical innovations in bearing design, such as special surface finishes to increase lubrication effectiveness and heat treatments that extend bearing life.