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Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing

YEXU double row deep groove ball bearings correspond in design to single row deep groove ball bearings. Their deep, uninterrupted raceway grooves have a close osculation with the balls, enabling the bearings to accommodate radial loads and axial loads in both directions. Double row deep groove...

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Product Details

Precautions for use

In the case of starting at low temperatures or high viscosity of the grease, a greater minimum load may be required, the weight of the bearing, plus the external force, usually exceeding the minimum required load. If the minimum load has not been reached, the bearing must be subjected to an additional radial load.

Axial load carrying capacity

If double row deep groove ball bearings are to withstand pure axial loads, they should not exceed 0.5Co under normal conditions. Excessive axial loads can significantly reduce the working life of the bearing.


Double row deep groove ball bearing

double row ball bearing

double groove ball bearing

Installation method

Heating and fitting: It is a common and labor-saving installation method by heating the bearing or the bearing seat and using thermal expansion to transform the tight fit into a loose fit. This method is suitable for the installation of bearings with large interference, before hot loading. Put the bearing or the ferrule of the separable bearing into the fuel tank and heat it evenly at 80-100 °C, then remove it from the oil and install it on the shaft as soon as possible. To prevent the inner ring end face and the shoulder from sticking tightly after cooling, the bearing is cooled. The axial fastening can be carried out. When the outer ring of the bearing is tightly matched with the bearing seat made of light metal, the hot-filling method of the heated bearing seat can avoid the abrasion of the mating surface. When heating the bearing with the oil tank, there should be a grid at a certain distance from the bottom of the box, or the bearing should be hung with a hook. The bearing should not be placed on the bottom of the box to prevent the sinking of impurities into the bearing or uneven heating. There must be a thermometer in the tank. Strictly control the oil temperature should not exceed 100 °C to prevent tempering effect and reduce the hardness of the ferrule.