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Deep Groove Ball Bearings

Deep groove ball bearings (GB / T 276-1994), formerly known as single row radial ball bearings, is the most widely used type of rolling bearing. It is characterized by small frictional resistance, high speed, can be used to bear radial load or radial and axial simultaneous action of the joint load of the machine can also be used to bear the axial load on the parts, such as low-power motors, Automotive and tractor gearboxes, machine gear boxes, general machines, tools and more.

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1. The ball load is larger than that of the deep groove ball bearing of the same size, so the rated load is the largest in the ball bearing, the rigidity is also strong, and the operation is stable. The inner and outer rings can be used to adjust the radial clearance by mutual displacement, and several sets of bearings can be connected in parallel to cause pre-interference and improve the rigidity of the system.

2. The use of angular contact ball bearings cannot be split, and its self-aligning ability is very limited.

3. The contact angle is not zero, and the standard contact angle is 15°, 25°, 30°, 40°. The size of the contact angle determines the amount of radial force and axial force that the bearing can withstand. The larger the contact angle, the greater the axial load bearing capacity, but the smaller the contact angle, the better the high-speed rotation.

4. There is no play in itself, only the angular contact ball bearings after assembly have internal clearance.

Corrosion causes

1) Intrusion by moisture, dirt, etc. due to poor sealing device;

2) The bearing is not used for a long time, exceeds the anti-rust period, and lacks maintenance.

3) The surface roughness of the metal is large;

4) Contact with corrosive chemical medium, the bearing is not cleaned, the surface is stained with dirt, or the bearing is contacted with sweat. After the bearing is cleaned, it is not packed or installed in time. It is exposed to air and moisture during long-term exposure and air.

5) Ambient temperature and humidity and contact with various environmental media; rust inhibitor failure or quality does not meet the requirements.


Single Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing

Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearing

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