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Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing D 70-100Mm

Double Row Deep Groove Ball Bearing D 70-100Mm

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1. With snap ring bearings, some bearings have a snap ring on the outer ring that fixes the axial position of the bearing and simplifies the design of the bearing housing.

2. Expansion-compensated deep groove ball bearings, the main dimensions of the access bearings are the same as those of ordinary bearings, and the outer ring outer diameter surface is provided with an annular groove, and the groove is provided with a high molecular material with a large expansion coefficient.

3. Long-life bearing: The size of the long-life bearing is the same as that of the standard deep groove ball bearing, but the bearing is subjected to special heat treatment to prolong the bearing fatigue life and wear life.

4. AC bearings (bearings to prevent creep): AC bearings are the same size as standard bearings, but with an extra two O-rings on the outer ring. This bearing can be used in steel bearing housings to withstand the outer ring with load rotation; it is suitable for environments where creep is not allowed and tight fit is not possible.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings rpm (r/min)Weight (kg)DesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value
dDBdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting Speeddd1 ~D1 ~r1,2 Minda MinDa Maxra Maxkrfo
701253170.273.53.1800043001.54214ATN9 Bearing7089.41061.5781171.50.0515
70150511381255700038003.954314ATN9 Bearing7096.71242.18113920.0614
751303172.8803.35750040001.64215ATN9 Bearing7596.91141.5831221.50.0516
75160551561435.5670036004.84315ATN9 Bearing751031322.18614920.0614
801403380.6903.67000380024216ATN9 Bearing8010212028913120.0516
851503693.61024700036002.554217ATN9 Bearing8510512529414120.0515
90160401121224.65630034003.24218ATN9 Bearing9011413629915120.0515
100180461401565.6560030004.74220ATN9 Bearing1001301542.111116920.0515
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