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Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 360-400Mm

Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 360-400Mm

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Double Row Full Complement Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 360-400Mm has the advantages of compact structure, high rigidity, large bearing capacity and small deformation after load, especially suitable for machine tool spindles. The conical inner hole can also play a role of slightly adjusting the play, and can simplify the structure of the positioning device, and is convenient for installation and disassembly.

Contact seals are used on both sides of the bearing. The bearing is filled with grease. When a single row cylindrical roller bearing with inner and outer rings is used, the axial load capacity should be calculated. The value is related to the radial load and the lubrication method. Greases operate from -50°C to +110°C, but due to the limitations of the oil seal material, the operating temperature of the bearings is limited to between -40°C and +80°C. In the case of better working conditions, the NNF bearing with oil seal does not need maintenance. If the bearing is in water vapor or polluted environment for a long time, and it is running at medium and high speed, the bearing can be passed through the lubricating oil groove and the lubricating oil hole on the outer ring. Make relubrication.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings rpm (r/min)Weight (kg)DesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)
dDBdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting Speeddd1 ~D1 ~Eb1kr1,2 Minsda Mindas2) recommended valueDa Maxra Max
36044080935255022456070027NNCF4872CV Bearing360392412419.89.452.163713884292
36044080935255022456070027NNC4872CV Bearing360392412419.89.452.1-3713884292
36044080935255022456070027NNCL4872CV Bearing360392-419.89.452.16371-4292
3604801181830450040553067062.1NNCF4972CV Bearing3604044364489.45363753984652.5
3604801181830450040553067062.1NNC4972CV Bearing3604044364489.453-3753984652.5
3604801181830450040553067060.8NNCL4972CV Bearing360404-4489.4536375-4652.5
36054024344608650735500630195NNCF5072CV Bearing3604124865039.455113834025174
3804801001400365031553067045.5NNCF4876CV Bearing380421446455.89.452.163914154692
3804801001400365031553067045.5NNC4876CV Bearing380421446455.89.452.1-3914154692
3804801001400365031553067045.5NNCL4876CV Bearing380421-455.89.452.16391-4692
3805201402380570050050063092.4NNCF4976CV Bearing380431468481.359.45473984245023
3805201402380570050050063092.4NNC4976CV Bearing380431468481.359.454-3984245023
3805201402380570050050063092.4NNCL4976CV Bearing380431-481.49.4547398-5023
38056024346809150735480600200NNCF5076CV Bearing3804315045219.455114034205374
4005001001420375032550063046.5NNCF4880CV Bearing400435461470.599.452.164114304892
4005001001420375032550063046.5NNC4880CV Bearing400435461470.599.452.1-4114304892
4005001001420375032550063046.5NNCL4880CV Bearing400435-470.599.452.16411-4892
4005401402420600052048060096.5NNCF4980CV Bearing400451488501.749.45474184445223
4005401402420600052048060096.5NNC4980CV Bearing400451488501.749.454-4184445223
4005401402420600052048060096.5NNCL4980CV Bearing400451-501.79.4547418-5223
400600272550011000900450560270NNCF5080CV Bearing4004605405589.455114234495774
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