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Double Way Thrust Ball Bearing D 60-150Mm

Double Way Thrust Ball Bearing D 60-150Mm

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Thrust bearings are designed for pure thrust loads and can withstand small radial loads or cannot withstand radial loads. The rolling elements in the thrust bearing can be balls, pins or rollers. Design units can be in inches, metric units or both. Important dimensions to consider when looking for thrust bearings include the hole, the outer diameter of the shaft and the total width.

Thrust ball bearings are designed to withstand axial loads only and cannot withstand any radial loads. They are usually found in vertical axis applications. The two-way thrust ball bearing consists of a shaft washer, two bearing races and two ball cage assemblies. They can only support axial loads in both directions.


1. Steel pipe abrasive processing;

2. Inner and outer ring grinding;

3. Precision work of the inner and outer rings;

4. The bearing is clean;

5. Inner ring, outer ring, bearing ball and cage and other components;

6. Bearing inspection (accuracy, noise and vibration levels).


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)PuMin Loading ASpeed ratings (rpm)Weight (kg)DesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions mm
dDHdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting Speeddd1 ~Br1,2 Minr3,4 Minda MinDa Maxra Maxrb Max
601104767.61836.80.17240034001.5552215 Bearing60771011758911
6013579163390140.79170024004.852315 Bearing6077181.5175991.51
651154876.12087.650.22240034001.752216 Bearing65821011809411
651407915939013.70.79170024004.9452316 Bearing6582181.51801041.51
701255597.52759.80.39220030002.452217 Bearing708812118510111
751356211932511.40.55200028003.252218 Bearing7593141.119010811
851506712434511.40.62180024004.252220 Bearing85103151.1110012011
851709722961019.61.9140019008.9552320 Bearing85103211.511001281.51
951606713039012.50.79170024004.6552222 Bearing95113151.1111013011
1001706814044013.41160022005.2552224 Bearing100123151.11.112014011
11019080186585171.814002000852226 Bearing110133181.51.11301541.51
1202008119062017.62140019008.6552228 Bearing120143181.51.11401641.51
13021589238800223.31300180011.552230M Bearing130153201.51.11501761.51
1402259024285022.83.8120017001252232M Bearing140163201.51.11601861.51
150240972861020265.4110016001552234M Bearing150173211.51.11701981.51
15025098296108027.56.1110015001652236M Bearing150183211.521802081.52
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