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Paired Back-to-back Tapered Roller Bearing D 40-170Mm

Paired Back-to-back Tapered Roller Bearing D 40-170Mm

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Double row tapered roller bearings can withstand radial loads while receiving biaxial axial loads. The clearance has been adjusted before the product leaves the factory, so it can be installed directly without adjusting the clearance. Double row tapered roller bearings limit the axial displacement of the bearing in both directions relative to the housing within the axial clearance of the bearing. The TDI type is an inward-oriented double-row tapered roller bearing with similar performance to the face-to-face installation of two single-row tapered roller bearings. It has a smaller installation space than the outward-oriented double-row tapered roller bearing (TDO type). However, the rigidity is slightly poor, and it is often used as a positioning end bearing that is subjected to medium load, such as a roller bearing positioning end, a speed reducer, and the like.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings (r/min)WeightDesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value (kr)
dDTdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting speeddd1 ~Cr1,2 Minr5 Minadb MaxDb MinCb Minra Maxrc MaxeY1Y2Yo
40907217019021.6530080001.9*30308T72J2/QDBC220 Bearing4062.561.520.6504982520.60.351.92.91.8
751308027542549300050006.832215T80J2/QDB Bearing7510067.520.67284125620.60.431.62.31.6
801407831949057280045004.4532216T78J2/QDBC110 Bearing8010663.52.50.66890134720.60.431.62.31.6
851306623845051280048002.732017T66X/QDB/C280 Bearing85108521.50.6649212571.50.60.441.52.31.4
9019010345763073.51900340012.531318T103J2/DB31 Bearing90138704112410517916.5310.830.811.20.8
10018010853988096.52200360010.532220T108J2/DB Bearing100135883192112171102.510.431.62.31.6
1101708440278085220036006.532022T84X/QDBC200 Bearing110140662.50.680121163920.60.431.62.31.6
120180844188308820003400732024T84X/QDBC200 Bearing120150662.50.686131173920.60.461.52.21.4
13023097.5627980106170028001530226T97.5J2/DB Bearing1301737841991462179.5310.431.62.31.6
14025010672111401161500260019.530228T106J2/DB Bearing14018686.5411081562349.5310.431.62.31.6
150320179134020402001100200058.531330T179XJ2/DB Bearing15023411551.52071703003241.50.830.811.20.8
160290179151028002651300220052.532232T179J2/DB32C230 Bearing1602211454115017627417310.431.62.31.6
17026016288018301801400220030.532034T162X/DB31 Bearing17021413431160184249142.510.441.52.31.6


Paired Back-to-back Tapered Roller Bearing D The 40-170Mm configuration consists of a double row tapered roller bearing consisting of two single cones, one double cup, two pressed steel cages, two rows of back-to-back rollers and one cone Spacer (flat or with annular groove and lubrication hole). The width of the tapered spacer allows the correct BEP. The TDO bearing with blind holes in the double cup is particularly suitable for mounting in the housing in a loose fit, since the hole counter drilling allows the pin to be inserted to avoid double cups and Sliding between the housings.

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