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Paired Back-to-back Tapered Roller Bearing D 180-260Mm

Paired Back-to-back Tapered Roller Bearing D 180-260Mm

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A single such bearing can only withstand one direction of axial force, that is, limit the movement of the shaft in one direction. The paired use of the "back-to-back" configuration can withstand axial forces in both directions, limiting the movement of the shaft in both directions. So that the shafting is axially fixed. In addition, such bearings are subject to a radial load that produces a derivative axial force, and the use of a "back-to-back" configuration in pairs facilitates the balance of the derived axial forces.


1. When installing, pay attention to the bearing direction of the bearing. When installing the outer ring or inner ring of the bearing, it is best to use copper, wood or other soft material to pad on the shaft ring to prevent the bearing from being broken or deformed by the impact of strong and hard. Especially when hammering. At the same time, it is necessary to prevent it from being placed on the flower ring of the bearing.

2. To remove the burrs on the seat or shaft to be installed, guide the chamfer and apply grease or grease.

3. Bearings that are tightly coupled with the shaft should be installed after oil heating or electric heating.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings (r/min)WeightDesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value (kr)
dDTdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting speeddd1 ~Cr1,2 Minr5 Minadb MaxDb MinCb Minra Maxrc MaxeY1Y2Yo
18025013560514601371400260014.532936T135/DBC260 Bearing180216832.50.61221922411120.60.481.42.11.4
180280150110023202201300220029.532036T150X/DB Bearing18022911831140194267162.510.431.62.31.6
180320196172032503001100190061.532236T196J2/DB32 Bearing18023915651.51692002971441.50.441.52.31.4
1902601026161530143130024001532938T102/DB31 Bearing190227802.50.61222022511120.60.481.42.11.4
19026012261615301431300240015.532938T122/DBCG Bearing1902271002.50.61422022511120.60.481.42.11.4
190290146112024002241200200031.532038T146X/DBC220 Bearing19024011431142204279162.510.441.52.31.4
190290183112024002241200200032.532038T183X/DB31C330 Bearing19024015131179204279162.510.441.52.31.4
200310154.5128027502551100190039.532040T154.5X/DB11C170 Bearing200254120.531147214297172.510.431.62.31.6
22034016515403550300100017005232044T165X/DB11C170 Bearing2202791274115723632619310.431.62.31.6
22034016815403550300100017005232044T168X/DB Bearing2202791304116023632619310.431.62.31.6
2403601721570355031595016005632048T172X/DB Bearing2402991344117525634619310.461.52.21.4
24044028433006550550800140018032248T284J3/DB Bearing24034623051.52402624152741.50.431.62.31.6
26040018919804400380850140080.532052T189X/DBC280 Bearing26032814551.51832823832241.50.431.62.31.6
26040019419804400380850140080.532052T194X/DB Bearing26032815051.51882823832241.50.431.62.31.6
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