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Paired Face-to-face Tapered Roller Bearing D 240-320Mm

Paired Face-to-face Tapered Roller Bearing D 240-320Mm

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The load lines of the pair of face-to-face tapered roller bearings D 240-320Mm are separated from the bearing shaft. It can withstand axial loads acting in both directions, but the load in each direction can only be withstood by one bearing. Back-to-back mounted bearings provide a relatively rigid bearing configuration and can withstand overturning moments.


1. For bearings with slower speed or difficult to refuel in the future, apply sufficient grease to the bearings during installation.

2. For the installation of the ball bearing, the force point is placed on the inner ring when it is mounted on the shaft, and the force point should be on the outer ring when it is mounted on the seat. If the inner and outer rings are installed at the same time, it is better that the inner and outer rings can be stressed at the same time.

3. When installing the bearing, pay attention to the verticality of the bearing. At any time, adjust the position of the bearing perpendicular to the shaft or the seat, and not be biased to one side.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings (r/min)WeightDesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value (kr)
dDTdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting speedd2Br3,4 Minr5 Minda MaxDa MinDa MaxCa Minra Maxrc MaxeY1Y2Yo
24036015215703550315950160054.532048X/DF Bearing24015231262318345122.510.461.52.21.4
26040017419804400380850140079.532052X/DF Bearing26017441.52873523831331.50.431.62.31.6
28042017420504750400800130084.532056X/DF Bearing28017441.53053704001431.50.461.52.21.4
30042015217904500375800140065.532960/DF Bearing30015231324383404122.510.
32048020026406200510700110012532064X/DF Bearing32020041.53504244601531.50.461.52.21.4
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