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Paired Face-to-face Tapered Roller Bearing D 130-220Mm

Paired Face-to-face Tapered Roller Bearing D 130-220Mm

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Adjusting the axial clearance For the axial clearance of the Paired Face-to-face Tapered Roller Bearing D 130-220Mm, use the adjusting nut on the journal, the adjusting washer and the thread in the housing bore, or use a preloaded spring Wait for the method to adjust. The size of the axial clearance is related to the arrangement of the bearing when it is installed, the distance between the bearings, and the material of the shaft and the bearing housing, which can be determined according to the working conditions.

For bearings with high load and high speed, when adjusting the clearance, the influence of temperature rise on the axial clearance must be considered, and the amount of clearance reduction caused by temperature rise should be estimated, that is, the axial clearance should be properly Adjust it a bit bigger.

For bearings with low speed and vibration, no clearance installation or preload installation is required. The purpose is to make the roller and the raceway of the tapered roller bearing have good contact, and the load is evenly distributed to prevent the roller and the raceway from being damaged by the vibration shock. After adjustment, the size of the axial clearance is checked with a dial gauge.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings (r/min)WeightDesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value (kr)
dDTdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting speedd2Br3,4 Minr5 Minda MaxDa MinDa MaxCa Minra Maxrc MaxeY1Y2Yo
1301806434173576.5200036004.9532926/DF Bearing130641.50.614116717261.50.60.33232
140210905611160116170028001132028X/DF Bearing1409020.6153187200720.60.461.52.21.4
1502259664413201321600260013.532030X/DF Bearing150962.511642002138210.461.52.21.4
1602401027371560156150024001632032X/DF Bearing1601022.511752132288210.461.52.21.4
170230764841160110150028009.232934/DFC225 Bearing1707620.6183213220720.60.371.72.81.8
180250906051460137140026001432936/DF Bearing1809020.6194225240820.60.481.42.11.4
1902609061615301431300240014.532938/DF Bearing1909020.6204235248820.60.481.42.11.4
20031014012802750255110019003932040X/DF Bearing2001402.5122227329611210.431.62.31.6
2203001028422000183110020002132944/DFC300 Bearing2201022.512342752869210.431.62.31.6
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