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Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 65-75mm

Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 65-75mm

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Single Row Cylindrical Roller Bearing D 65-75mm is usually only subjected to radial force. Compared with the same size ball bearing, the radial load capacity is improved by 1.5-3 times, the rigidity is good and the impact resistance is strong. It is especially suitable for rigid support. A shaft that supports a short shaft, is axially displaced by heat elongation, and a machine attachment that requires separation of the bearing.


This bearing has the advantages of convenient assembly, large load bearing, high speed limit, high reliability and long service life.


It is mainly used for large motors, machine tool spindles, engine front and rear support shafts, train passenger car axle support, diesel engine crankshafts, automobile tractor gearboxes, etc.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings rpm (r/min)Weight (kg)DesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value (kr)Horn ring
dDBdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting SpeedStandard cageOther cage(s)dd1 ~D1 ~F,Er1,2 Minr3,4 Minsda Minda Maxdb,Da MinDa Maxra Maxrb MaxDesignationWeight (kg)Dimension B1Dimension B2
651404828529038530060003.3*NU2313ECP BearingML Bearing65-11982.

701102076.59312630070000.62NU1014ECP Bearing-708497.579.51.111.374.67882104110.1HJ1014EC0.082510
701503523622829480056002.75*NU314ECP BearingJ.M.ML Bearing7097.3127892.12.11.8828691138220.15HJ314EC0.321015.5
701505131532541.5480056004.05*NJ2314ECP BearingML Bearing7097.3127892.12.14.88286100138220.25HJ2314EC0.341018.5
701505131532541.5480056004.15*NUP2314ECP BearingML Bearing7097.3127892.12.1-82-100138220.25-

701804222924030430050005.25NU414 Bearing-70-140100333.586971021642.52.50.15-

701804222924030430050005.35NJ414 Bearing-70110140100333.586971131642.52.50.15-

751152058.3718.56700100000.74NU1015ML Bearing-75-101851.11379.68387109110.1-

751302515015620.4560060001.25*NU215ECP BearingJ.M.ML Bearing7594.311488.
751302515015620.4560060001.3*NJ215ECP BearingJ.M.ML Bearing7594.311488.
751302515015620.4560060001.3*NUP215ECP BearingM.ML Bearing7594.311488.51.51.5-84-971211.51.50.15-

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