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Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearing D 1.5-7mm

Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearing D 1.5-7mm

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Stainless Steel Deep Groove Ball Bearing D 1.5-7mm is a common type of stainless steel ball bearing. Like these chrome steel deep groove ball bearings, these stainless steel ball bearings have the same deep grooved raceway and between the raceway and the steel ball. The adhesion is excellent. It can operate in high speed environments and can withstand high radial loads and general axial loads.


1. The appearance of the bearing is high in brightness and clean, and it is produced in a clean room;

2. The bearing is fully inspected, and each process is packaged to an individual. The company implements unified testing to ensure the pass rate;

3. The bearing noise is below 25 decibels;

4. The inner and outer ring of the bearing is ground, and the grinding is applied for a long time to reduce the burn of the inner and outer rings of the bearing, which greatly increases the service life of the bearing;

5. Stainless steel material, strong anti-rust ability.


Principal dimensions (mm)Basic load ratings (KN)Pu (kN)Speed ratings rpm (r/min)Weight (kg)DesignationDimensions (mm)Abutment and fillet dimensions (mm)Value
dDBdyc Crstc CorReference speedLimiting Speeddd1 ~D1 ~r1,2 Minda MinDa Maxra Maxkrfo
1.5420.1140.0340.00152200001100000.00014W638/1.5-2Z Bearing1.
252.30.1560.0480.002190000950000.00018W638/2-2Z Bearing22.
2630.2380.0750.0034180000900000.00035W639/2-2Z Bearing235.
3630.1760.0570.0025170000850000.00035W637/3-2Z Bearing34.
3730.2160.0850.0036160000800000.00045W638/3-2Z Bearing33.
31040.390.1290.0056130000630000.0015W623-2Z Bearing34.480.
493.50.4490.1730.0075140000700000.001W628/4-2Z Bearing45.
41350.7930.280.012110000530000.0031W624-2Z Bearing4611.40.25.811.20.20.0257.7
582.50.140.0570.0025140000700000.00034W627/5-2Z Bearing55.
51140.540.2450.011120000600000.00062W628/5-2Z Bearing56.
51961.860.9150.0480000400000.009W635-2Z Bearing58.516.50.37.416.60.30.0312
61030.3190.1370.0061120000600000.0007W627/6-2Z Bearing679.
61350.7410.3350.015110000530000.0027W628/6-2Z Bearing67.411.70.156.811.20.10.01511
61551.040.4550.02100000500000.0037W619/6-2Z Bearing67.5130.27.413.
61961.860.9150.0480000400000.0087W626-2Z Bearing68.516.50.38.416.60.30.02512
71130.2910.1270.0056110000560000.0007W627/7-2Z Bearing7810.30.17.610.40.10.01510
71450.8060.390.017100000500000.003W628/7-2Z Bearing78.512.70.157.813.20.10.01511
71961.860.9150.0485000430000.0082W607-2Z Bearing7916.50.39170.30.02512
72272.761.320.05770000360000.013W627-2Z Bearing710.5190.39.419.60.30.02512
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