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Assembly of thrust ball bearings
- Aug 01, 2017 -

There are two key points in the assembly of thrust ball bearings. One is the control of the quality of the cage and the steel ball, and the other is the nominal height T of the bearing assembly. In addition, due to the separation of the shaft ring and the seat ring, a management problem is brought. is to prevent the import of bearing parts mixed. The M-type punching cage is fitted with a curved edge assembly die. After pressing, the steel ball is required to rotate flexibly in the pocket hole, but not from the pocket hole, and to check the channeling momentum of the steel ball in the pocket hole. Solid Cage imprint Press too deep will make the steel ball channeling momentum is small, and the imprint of the convex part and cage of the connection too little strength, easy to appear off the block phenomenon, resulting in the cage scrap. The size of the small thrust ball bearing ring is very small, and there is no significant difference between the two sets. In order to prevent the phenomenon of mixed sets, that is, a set of bearings to occur Tao trap is the seat or all the situation of the shaft. This requires a certain measure of action. Usually in the case of the use of auxiliary tooling to draw the circle, the regiment to distinguish, or in sampling the nominal height of the diameter plug to check the size of the inner diameter, in order to check the inner diameter is convenient, the seat ring down the surface, the shaft ring on top. If the inner diameter of the house has obvious quenching and oxidation color or not through grinding, there is no need to test the inner diameter size, can clearly see that the shaft due to the difference between the seat ring, not easy to mix. After assembling the thrust ball bearing, it is necessary to measure the nominal height T to confirm the hundred qualified. When measuring, use height block or mark difficult piece to calibrate, and measure load, the bearing needs to rotate if 10 times, must reach the minimum height. 53413U thrust ball bearing 53413U thrust ball bearing 53413U thrust ball bearing 53413U thrust ball bearing 53413U thrust ball bearing 53413U thrust ball bearing

When the thrust ball bearing is running at high speed, the contact angle of the steel ball and the radial plane of the raceway is affected by the centrifugal force, which causes the sliding of the steel ball relative to the raceway. The adhesion caused by this slip will damage the bearing. In order to prevent this damage, the minimum load of the thrust ball shaft must be ensured, see Formula 1 or Formula 2, and the larger of the calculated value.