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Maintenance method of angular contact ball bearings
- Aug 01, 2017 -

1, when the bearing runs to a certain period of time (or maintain the maintenance period), the bearings will be removed;

2, the use of cleaning diesel or kerosene immersion cleaning bearings, if the technical conditions are best to open the seal cover cleaning;

3, clean the air dry cleaning oil, appearance inspection has no damage;

4, with a 150mm, diameter of angular contact ball bearing diameter equal to the stick (preferably hollow tube), one end fixed a bearing;

5, with the hand to rotate the bearing quickly at the same time, the stick (wood pipe) on the other end of the ear or audio amplifier microphone to listen to the bearing rotation noise;

6, the fixed bearing transverse toggle stick, check whether the bearing wear loose phenomenon;

7, loose serious, rotating noise too large, with serious defects of the "" "the" should be eliminated, with the same model generation;

8, take a bucket of grease (high-quality yellow dry oil) with a slow thaw (not overheating), the tested bearings into the bucket to soak into no bubble overflow. Remove the bearing before the grease cools and the amount of residual grease is low. After the lubricating grease is cooled, the angular contact ball bearing is removed and the amount of residual grease is much. Determine the amount of grease residues as needed.

9, with a soft cloth or toilet paper to clean the bearings outside the grease will be the same as the original of the hard to the pulley, maintenance work is finished.