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Overview of cylindrical roller bearings
- Aug 01, 2017 -

Cylindrical rollers and raceways are line contact bearings. Heavy load capacity, mainly under radial load. The friction between the rolling body and the ring is small, and is suitable for high-speed rotation. According to the ring has no block edge, can be divided into Nu, NJ, nup, N, NF and other single row cylindrical roller bearings, and nnu, nn, such as double row cylindrical roller bearings. The bearing is a separable structure of inner ring and outer ring.

Cylindrical roller bearings without flanges in the inner ring or outer ring, the inner ring and the outer ring can be moved relative to the axial direction, so they can be used as free end bearings. In the inner ring and on one side of the outer ring has a double block, the other side of the ring has a single edge of the cylindrical roller bearings, can withstand a certain degree of axial load. General use of steel stamping cage, or copper alloy car solid cage. But there is also a part of the use of polyamide forming cages.