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Structural classification of cylindrical roller bearings
- Aug 01, 2017 -

1. Outer ring N0000 type and inner ring without retaining edge NU0000 type, cylindrical roller bearings such bearings can accept a larger radial load, the ultimate rotational speed is high, do not constrain the axial displacement of the shaft or shell, can not accept axial load.

2. The inner and outer ring of the cylindrical roller bearing with retaining edge NJ0000 type, NF0000 type bearing can bind the axial displacement of One direction of the axle or shell, and can accept the smaller unidirectional axial load. nu0000+hj0000-Type, nj0000+hj0000-type, NUP0000-type bearings can be axially displaced in two directions in the Axial clearance field of the imported bearings, and can accept a smaller biaxial axial load.