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Cause Of Motor Bearing Damage Cause Of Motor Bearing Damage
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Cause of damage to motor bearings

(1) bearing grease too much, the melting out, thrown to the winding, corrosion winding.

(2) improper installation of the bearing or the installation of the pulley is not correct, external force to make the bearing inside and outside the ring crooked, resulting in rotation is not flexible, bearing heat damage.

(3) bearing roller ball, inside and outside the ring ball bearing serious wear and tear off, resulting in abnormal motor, so that the motor sweep boring burned.

(4) the motor does not channel the amount of channel, bearing cover and the size between the bearing jacket. When the motor is running, the rotor is elongated by thermal expansion, causing the bearing to heat up.

(5) the motor end cap is not good, the mouth is not tight, or the bearing cover uneven, so that the ball off the track rotation and heat.

(6) protection is not good, the bearing into the water or dust, so that the bearings are not good lubrication and damage.

Precautions: The choice of the grease of the bearing should be selected according to its type and operating conditions. Grease filling amount to be appropriate, generally for the bearing room 1 / 2-2 / 3 is appropriate

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