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Cause Of Motor Bearing Heating
- Oct 31, 2017 -

1. grease too much or too little;

2. Oil is not good, with impurities: check the oil with or without impurities, replace the clean grease.

3. bearing, the jacket with too tight: too loose, the use of agricultural machinery 2 # or low temperature iron plating treatment, too tight, the appropriate car shaft, so that meet the tolerance requirements.

4. The oil seal is too tight: replace or repair the oil seal.

5. The bearing cover is eccentric and wiped with the shaft: repair the inner cover of the bearing so that the clearance with the shaft is suitable.

6. The motor side end cover or bearing cover is not flat: press the correct process to the end cap or bearing cover into the mouth, and then even tighten the screws.

7. Bearings are faulty, wear, debris, etc.: Replace the damaged bearings, bearing impurities with a thorough cleaning, oil change.

8. The motor is connected to the drive mechanism. Eccentric or drive belt is too tight: calibrate the center line connecting the motor to the drive mechanism and adjust the tension of the drive belt:.

9. Bearing model selected small, overload, so that the rolling load is too large: select the appropriate bearing model.

10. bearing clearance is too large or too small: the replacement of new bearings.

11. Sliding bearing oil ring rotation is not flexible: repair oil ring, so that the oil ring size is correct, calibration balance.