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Columbia International Auto Exhibition
- Oct 24, 2017 -

"Columbia International Auto exhibition" is one of the most professional, largest and targeted auto show in Latin America. The exhibition will be automotive supplies and services, auto parts distribution in two different exhibition halls for different professional groups and exhibitors to provide a more convenient and more targeted communication platform.

The Colombian International Auto Show aims to bring the relationship between manufacturers, suppliers and assemblers in the entire segment of South America to promote economic growth and deepen trade relations in South America; more importantly, radiation to North America, Europe, Southeast Asia and China as a whole. The 18th Colombian International Auto Show was successfully held in Medelline in June 2016. A total of six Latin American countries from Colombia, Argentina, Venezuela, Mexico, Ecuador, Peru, the United States, France, China (including Taiwan), more than 120 exhibitors from nearly 55,000 citizens and professionals The buyer visited the exhibition.