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Fan Bearing Temperature Standards And Cooling Methods
- Oct 31, 2017 -

Fan bearing temperature standards:

Fan bearing temperature is normal ≤ 70 ℃, if once raised to 70 ℃, there should be an electronic control alarm. At this point should find the reasons, first check the cooling water is normal? Is the bearing oil level normal? If the moment can not find the reasons, the bearing temperature quickly rose to 90 ℃, there should be an electronic control alarm, parking signal.

Fan drive, stop or run the process, if found abnormal should be immediately checked, check the small fault should be found in time to find out the reasons to eliminate. Such as the discovery of a large failure (such as violent fan vibration, impact, bearing temperature rise or sharp rise) should immediately stop to check.

After the first run of the fan for one month, replace the oil (or grease). After the removal of each after the repair should be, under normal circumstances 1 to 2 months to replace the oil (or fat), can also be based on the actual situation to replace the oil (or fat).

The fan includes a fan, a turbo blower, a Roots blower and a turbine compressor. The detailed division includes a centrifugal compressor, an axial compressor, a centrifugal blower, a Roots blower, a centrifugal fan, an axial fan And Ye's blower and other seven categories.

Fan bearing cooling method:

Fans, fresh air units and water tanks are all used in the industry to deal with some of the waste of the tools used in these purification equipment is the most or fans. It can not only reduce the working temperature, but also can maintain the workplace air circulation. But the most troublesome thing about its use is its bearing cooling.

On the fan of the cooling method, where our production of purification equipment, technical staff to introduce you with recycled water directly on the bearing, which is currently using a relatively wide range of cooling methods. You can also press the "temperature rise" to control its value. Temperature rise = bearing temperature - ambient temperature, temperature rise is usually not more than 50 ℃, if too high, must take the cooling method, and speed up the flow of lubricating fluid to reduce the operating temperature of the lubricating fluid, Increase, and do a good job of its heat work.