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Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo (KIAE)
- Oct 24, 2017 -

Since 2016, Kazakhstan International Automotive Expo (KIAE) has teamed up with the Automechanika brand to provide a professional exchange platform for European and Asian automotive market participants to facilitate access to Kazakhstan and surrounding car markets to help exhibitors and local And the surrounding areas to establish contact with buyers. The second Kazakhstan International Automotive Forum in 2017 continued to be held in the same period by the Kazakhstan Automobile Business Association (AKAB). Mainly around the local auto market, parts market and promote the sale of commercial vehicles related topics to explore. According to the survey of the audience, 86% of all the 2,000 spectators who visited the exhibition site were industry professionals, including high-level decision-makers. A total of 131 exhibitors from 8 countries participated in the last exhibition, with 2343 visitors from 14 districts in Kazakhstan and 15 other countries participating in the exhibition. KIAE represents the latest industry trends in Kazakhstan. This shows all the relevant new products and new concepts - this is the ideal place to show your creativity.