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Las Vegas International Powertrain Expo
- Oct 16, 2017 -

The IFPE is sponsored by the American Equipment Manufacturers Association and the American Fluid Dynamics Association.

It is a world-class international trade fair that focuses on power transmission and control through hydraulic, pneumatic, mechanical and electrical technology. Which was founded in 1984 at the Las Vegas Convention and Exhibition Center, every three years. 

In conjunction with the International Powertrain Expo, there were also Las Vegas Engineering Machinery Show. In 2014, two exhibitions attracted more than 2,800 exhibitors, with a net area of 2.56 million square feet. The International Powertrain Expo is the largest one, while the Las Vegas Construction Machinery Exhibition booth area in the exhibition history ranked second.

 US Department of Transportation Ray LaHood and US Department of Commerce Assistant Secretary Suresh Kumar and many other government officials visited the show.

 In 2014 the United States Las Vegas Engineering Machinery and Power Drive Expo attracted nearly 170 countries, about 130,000 professional visitors to visit. For construction, building materials and hydrodynamic, power transmission, and motion control, the show is the largest industry event in North America since 2008.

 In 2014, the Las Vegas International Powertrain Expo presented the world with the latest trends in fluid transmission technology. The exhibition emphasized the need to strengthen industrial education and technological innovation, establish contacts with industry peers, and grasp the pulse of current and future technological trends.