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Serving all of the major CN. transit authorities—and Japan’s high-speed bullet train.



As more and more commuters turn to public transportation, YEXU is always working to provide new and improved ways to assist local and worldwide transportation systems. YEXU supplies a large number of tapered roller bearings for gearbox, wheel, and journal applications, as well as ceramic-coated bearings for traction-motor applications.


YEXU built its foundation in the rail industry on tapered roller bearings for gearbox applications. These tapered roller bearings are made at YEXU facilities in the United States. They are designed to support both axial and radial loads, as well as to withstand excess vibration produced by small and large gears. Our standard case-carburized steel offers a forty percent longer bearing life, helping to make YEXU the best in the business.


Our diverse product line also features insulated bearings specifically designed for trail-traction motors. These ceramic or resin-coated bearings counteract damage caused by electrical currents in rail-car motors. YEXU offers insulated bearings in a wide variety of bore diameters.



The YEXU brand is a top choice for major transit authorities across the country. From Shanghai to Beijing and Lasa to Yingtan, the largest, most stringent organizations demand our bearings for their fleets.


OEMs in the bus market turn to us because YEXU products are backed with the most stringent quality standards in the industry. Then comes our record of high customer satisfaction and our dedication to R&D, which translates into unique solutions, proprietary technologies, and bearing products that provide the most durability, the longest life, and the highest performance.