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Double Way Thrust Ball Bearing

Single direction and double direction thrust ball bearings can accommodate large axial load, however they must not be subjected to radial load. During operation these bearings must be constantly subjected to a specific axial load. Have two cages with balls between the central shaft washer and...

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The two-way thrust ball bearing includes a shaft collar, two races and two steel ball-cage assemblies. The bearings are separate and each part can be mounted separately. Two-way bearings and one-way bearings use the same shaft collar, race and ball-cage assembly.


It can withstand two-way axial loads and is positioned as a two-way axial, but must not withstand any radial loads.

Minimum load

In order for the bearings to perform well, thrust ball bearings, like all ball bearings and roller bearings, must withstand a certain minimum load, especially at high speeds or high accelerations, or in the case of rapid changes in load direction. Under these conditions, the inertial forces of the ball and cage and the friction within the lubricant will adversely affect the rolling of the bearing, and a slidable movement of the bearing between the ball and the raceway may occur. In the case of startup at low temperatures or high viscosity of the lubricant, it may require a greater minimum load. The weight of the bearing support, plus the external force, especially under vertical shaft conditions, usually exceeds the minimum required load, and pre-tightening measures must be applied, such as the use of springs.



Double way thrust ball bearing


Double way ball bearing


double direction thrust ball bearing