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Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearing

Single Direction Thrust Ball Bearing

Single direction and double direction thrust ball bearings can accommodate large axial load, however they must not be subjected to radial load. During operation these bearings must be constantly subjected to a specific axial load. Consist of two flat washers with raceways, balls and cage. The...

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Product Details

Single direction thrust ball bearings: 

They consist of two washers with raceways and balls. The washers have a flat seating surface, which is why they must be supported so that all balls are evenly loaded. The bearing is subjected to axial loads in only one direction. They cannot withstand radial forces. 

Product Description:

Namesingle direction thrust ball bearing
ServiceOEM Customized Services
PrecisionP0 P2 P4 P5 P6
Sample available

industrial package or according to clients' requirement


  • Use option in the ring, can permit of installation error.

  • High grade ball - high speed rotates the quiet and smooth

  • High Quality Steel - Ultra clean steel to extend bearing life by up to 80%. 

  • The height of the grease technology - N-S-Klubricant technology can make the grease live longer and improve the performance of the bearing

  • In order to permit of installation error,  can choose spherical self-aligning spherical seat cushion type or take ball seat ring type.


They are widely used in crane hooks, vertical pumps, vertical centrifuge, jack, speed reducer,metallurgy, mining, petroleum, chemical industry, construction machinery, etc.

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